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Felted Square Bowl

This is a VERY simple project.  It is great for beginners and as a break during a long or hard project.  Perfect for all those nick-nacks that seem to magically appear!


US 7

Gauge: 5.71 SPI,  2 skeins

Bottom: CO:55

Side: CO:45

Finished Size:

Bottom: 7″

Sides: 6″ high x 24″ long


Both pieces are Stockinette stitch.  On the bottom and sides knit unit around 9 or 10 inches, or desired size.  If you want a different size, just remember that when you felt and item that it will decrease by 20%.

Sew sides together and the bottom piece to side and then felt.


To shape: To get square shape of bowl to stay I took a small bathroom trash can and placed the bowl over the bottom and allowed it to dry.