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Curly-Q Pillow

Definitely the perfect project for beginner knitters!  This is a simple and quick project that is wonderful for decoration or as a cool gift idea!

CO: 60 on US 11 Gauge: 2.74 SPI (Gauge doesn’t make a difference)

2 Skeins of any felting wool (Cascade 200 is a great yarn to use)

Finished Size:  18″ inches long by 6″high

Simply knit one side stockinette till pieces is 7.5 or 8 inches high and then knit the other side in garter stitch (same height).

Sew together all of the edges, leaving a small opening for stuffing.  Throw in a washer and felt. Lay flat to dry (it is a good idea to make sure that edges are square).  Once dry, you can embroider the stockinette side.  Stuff and sew shut.

Embroidery pattern is what ever you want it to be.  Be creative and have fun!